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The Essence of a Priest

By Beverly Fournier, a Parishioner at Holy Family Parish, Shorewood | August 2021

The Essence of a Priest

A priest is the reflected light of Christ.

He is the beauty of Mary,

the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

He shines, he shepherds, he inspires.

He is humble and honest. He is steadfast

when the forces of evil seem to prevail.

He is grateful and merciful; he bears

his crosses with patience and  

perseverance. He rejoices

when a soul returns to the fold.

He weeps at our struggles and sorrows.

He overcomes challenges with

confidence and faith. He comforts, listens 

and prays. He gives of himself without

counting the cost. He is a guest in the heart

of Jesus and Mary. He is God’s magnificent

soldier — God’s great “Amen.”