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The Spirit’s Song

By Steve Petrouske, a Parishioner at Holy Family Parish, Shorewood | August 2021

The Spirit’s Song

At times I walk this path alone;

or so it seems. No one to share

the burdens, joys, and stories of

the journey, and the beauty there.


Seeking, wondering, searching out;

the road, the path, is seldom clear.

The spirit’s song is constant though,

and I can feel You always near.


I raise my heart; I bare my soul

to listen with the ears of grace

for the spirit’s peaceful melody

made present in this quiet place.


I see your hand in every flower,

Your peace in every graceful tree.

Your love for us reflected in

creation’s perfect harmony.


If we would stop and hear Your voice,

refresh our soul, invite you in,

we’d start to really know you, Lord,

and our new life in You, begin.