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By Cheryl Gash, a parishioner at St. Joseph Church in Bradley | May 2021

Spring Ahead with Gratitude

Spring has sprung; Easter has come.

By God’s will, we are here.

The great stone has been taken away;

we thank God and wipe away our tears.


As each morning is near and the sun appears,

thank you, God, for a new day.

As hours tick away and nightfall arrives,

thank you, God, for being alive.


When the trees start to bud, and the grass turns green,

thank you, God, for making it so.

A new season emerges, and the flowers burst forth;

thank you, God, for making winter go.


God surrounds us with gifts, whatever we need

to continue our journey to heaven.

Give glory and thanks to the Father above,

for all that He does, He does out of love.


His touch is everlasting and fruitful to all,

look around and see.

Thank you, God, for all that you continue to do,

for all of my family and me.


A brief moment in the blink of an eye

is all it takes for a “thank you” to God.

No words be spoken for Him to know

what’s in our heart and our soul.


Our “spring ahead with gratitude”

shouldn’t be just for today.

Thankfulness to God is always

the proper way to pray.