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The Beauty of Being Part of God’s Stained-Glass Windows

By Rebecca Siar, a Former Echo Apprentice in the Diocese of Joliet and Current Director of Campus Ministry at the St. John Paul Ii Newman Center (University of Illinois at Chicago) and President of Chicago's Chapter of Young Catholic Professionals | August 2021

There is something about a stained-glass window on a bright and sunny day.

Why Keep the Law

A public junior high school that I pass regularly has posted these words on its marquee recently: “Be honest. Don’t lie.”

What Does Jesus Look Like?

By Rob Visher, a Parishioner at St. Joseph’s Parish, Downers Grove, and an Aspirant for the Diaconate | August 2021

My precious six-year-old daughter, Ellie, recently asked me what Jesus looked like. The conversation went something like this.

Boston Marathon

By Deacon Vic Puscas, the Diocesan Director of Formation for the Office of the Diaconate | August 2021

Once upon a time, I was a police officer. This fall, I will be running in the Boston Marathon in an attempt to raise money for the American Liver Foundation.

Say “Yes” to the Mess

By Lisa Lohenry Gilligan, who has served in parish ministry within the Diocese of Joliet for over 25 years. She is wife to Jim, mom to Sadie and daughter to Chuck and Sue. | December 2020

As my family anticipates yet another holiday in 2020 requiring painful, loving sacrifices to protect the health of our elderly parents, I am nudged toward acceptance and surrender, both of which God has been trying to teach me my whole life.